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This blog is to cover out progress through the stages of the strip down and rebuild of a robin hood kit car.
Started the blog a bit late as a fair bit of the stripdown has already been done, this is to follow our progress of the build.


BodyPosted by Christian French Wed, March 16, 2011 12:48:53
Now onto the carpets.

Neal had already fitted some insulation to the inner part of the car, and now it was time to fit the carpets and the checkerplate wear plates, we also fitted a sheet of aluminium to the tunnel to the left of the clutch pedal in order to eliminate wear on the carpet.

Before and During (minus the checkerplate)

Neal measuring the floor plate

The finished article, the plate is riveted through the carpet into the stainless floorpan, as is the clutch wear plate to the left of the pedal, which can be seen here.

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