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This blog is to cover out progress through the stages of the strip down and rebuild of a robin hood kit car.
Started the blog a bit late as a fair bit of the stripdown has already been done, this is to follow our progress of the build.

Throttle and Starter

EnginePosted by Christian French Wed, May 04, 2011 12:01:26
The original throttle cable was originally supported by an oddly bent piece of stainless steel which had an undesirable amount of additional movement so I decided to fabricate a new support plate (below) to hold the pedal solid, and we then cut down the length of the cable and attached it to the pedal box housing.

We also have issues with the starter motor, for some reason it is not engaging correctly, some times taking 4 or 5 attempts to actually crank the engine.

I stripped the motor down and checked and cleaned all the components, and could not see any visible damage, maybe the solenoid has just become weak or there is not enough current to engage the starter gear properly, we have no way to tell as we do not have a spare starter to compare it to.

The starter in all its component parts

Mid Assembly

Even after the overhaul, its still not working correctly, we're still deciding what to do about it...

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