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This blog is to cover out progress through the stages of the strip down and rebuild of a robin hood kit car.
Started the blog a bit late as a fair bit of the stripdown has already been done, this is to follow our progress of the build.

Day from hell!

Other bitsPosted by Christian French Wed, May 04, 2011 12:41:41
Definitely the worst day we have had so far on this build, nothing seems to have gone right

Started by rebuilding the dash, which is now on its mk4 connotation

The original one is at the top, which had original analogue instruments, which we decided to bin as they just were not bright enough in the dark, even if we fitted LED backlights... not good.

We then decided to fabricate it out of steel to stop flex, but then binned that idea.

I couldn't drill any holes in the dash because we had no drill or any bits, which meant a trip to screwfix to collect supplies. We also picked up new connectors for the switchgear and some new 2 amp equipment wire to link them all in. This turned into a 2hr trip. Also picked up some sparco pedal grips.

Then on to the MDF (third down) which was going well until the holes drilled in the bottom edge for the switches were too big, they should be 22mm not 25mm, not mentioning any names as to who's suggestion the size was...

This has lead on to dashboard mk4 (the plywood one) which has not progressed too far at present because we still need to locate the correct holesaws, which Neal must have somewhere as he used them on dash mk1. Hopefully he'll find them somewhere.

So for all yesterday, all I managed to do was get in the water temp sensor for the new digital dash:

Route the wires for it and the oil temp into the cabin and wire in some of the new harness into the old one.

I have now tested the new digital dash and it works in a preliminary sense, although we still have a way to go before proper testing can be carried out.

Forgot to mention the other disasters of yesterday:

I broke the wheelarch liner of a mini (we had to change the brake pads on Neal's girlfriends car)

Knelt on a brake pad (hurt more than I can describe)

Neal almost ran me over with the mini and drove over a pot of copperease in the process

One of the rear wings for the kitcar fell on to the floor, picking up a bit of damage

Still can't get the steering column back in as the engineering firm haven't turned the surround yet. If you're wondering why we have removed the column, keep checking back as we'll write up that odyssey when we have progressed further.

This just about sums up yesterday's progress...

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